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The Power of Vitamin C

Of the truly countless skincare ingredients out there only a small few stand the test of time. Vitamin C is without a doubt, one of those ingredients.

Turn back the clock with collagen

Whether whizzed into a morning smoothie or brewed in a Bullet Proof Coffee, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Kate Hudson have fed our hunger for collagen powders, pills and potions. Here we lift the lid on the super supplement de jour and disclose how it can benefit your clients.

Anti-Aging Heroes: Part 2 Ceramides

In the second part of our series on Anti-Ageing Heroes, we turn our attention to ceramides. They’re often touted as a ‘wonder ingredient’ in skincare formulations, but what’s the truth that lies behind the hype?

Boost your immunity with Skin Supplements

Due to Coronavirus, a lot of us are finding ourselves staying home in order to stay safe and protect our communities. At times like this, it’s so important to stay healthy and keep your immunity up. We’ve been receiving a lot of requests asking what are the best ways you cando this, and have come up with 3 top tips.