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There's a lot to celebrate when it comes to the Advanced Nutrition Programme range. Here's just 20 reasons that make our brand worth celebrating and reasons why we know you'll love our products just as much as we do!

We have removed all plastics from our tubs.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We use vegetable inks for printing.

We reduce our carbon footprint by shipping via sea instead of air to overseas countries.


We use 3rd party independent testing from laboratories that validate the quality of our final products.

All Advanced Nutrition Programme ingredients are produced in facilities that are certified as using Good Manufacturing Practice. This is a process which ensures that products are made to the most stringent standards and covers all process from sourcing ingredients, storage, production of product, quality of product, on-going testing, labelling, and logging any potential issues with products once released into the market.

   We test for contaminants, that the ingredients in the product meets label claim and to assure stability of Advanced Nutrition Programme products i.e. how long they remain active in the final product.

We only accept new suppliers that have successfully passed a vetting process where a 3rd party independent expert tests all the ingredients to assure the levels of active ingredients and against microbiological contamination.

All products are tested for the presence of gluten and can be declared gluten free.

All products do not contain artificial flavourings.

All products are free from Genetically modified materials.

We continuously conduct our own internal skin trials through our wholly owned iiaa Skin Health Research Centre.

  We develop products for specific skin conditions.

Our vitamins are nature identical.

Fish oils are Friends of the Seas certified. This means they comply with sustainable seas guidelines.

We also use anchovies to produce our fish oils as smaller fish have fewer contaminants.
We have full traceability for all our products e.g. we can trace the fish we use to manufacture our fish oils to the specific ocean and ship they were caught from. 

All products are dairy and yeast free.

Most products are suitable for vegans/vegetarians.

All products have not been treated by irradiation (non-irradiated).

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