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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Getting into a new beauty product is never easy. First, you've got to tackle the layers of cardboard, cellophane, tissue paper and boxes until you reach the end goal: a plastic container housing the product you've been waiting for. Undoubtedly, packaging plays a huge part in the allure of a new beauty purchase.

But there's a darker side to all this packaging. Yes, we can recycle the cardboard boxes, but as for plastic? It can't break down naturally. So if the container isn't recycled correctly, where will it end up?

It’s probably about time this "life in plastic, it's fantastic" approach came to an end. We simply can't ignore the impact it's having on our environment any longer. But just how bad is it?

How much plastic are we actually using?

Think about how much plastic you use in one day. We're so desensitised to it that it's easy to forget that things as mundane as straws, bottled drinks and flimsy bits of cellophane that cover vegetables at the supermarket are harming our environment.

When you add up your own usage, it becomes completely understandable why, according to National Geographic, there are over five trillion pieces of plastic currently in the ocean. Of course, it's not the only industry to blame, but the beauty world does contribute heavily to this problem (not only with excess, hard-to-recycle packaging but also more hauntingly with single-use products such as face wipes).

Try as we might to recycle and reuse, recent research reveals that only 31% of plastic waste is actually successfully recycled, putting a huge burden on our landfill sites. What's perhaps more frightening is that a lot of the plastic we use ends up in the ocean through litter, transport errors and through our sewer systems. In fact, the Ellen Macarthur Foundation estimates there'll be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

What does the future hold?

Companies such as ANP who are wanting to make a change to help our planet, are taking initiatives such as creating recyclable packaging for their products.
Back in 2017, ingestible skin care brand Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM unveiled new packaging made from 100% recyclable materials. The innovation came as part of the company’s rebranding.

David Alpert, Managing Director at Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM, said: “The new brand identity and creative delivery is a statement of our history, scientific journey and values over the past decade.”

“We saw a clear gap in the marketplace for beauty supplements that would make a scientifically-proven difference to the quality of people’s skin and well-being plus, environmental responsibility,” Alpert added.

At Beauty Care, sustainability is such a huge part of what we believe in and drive our business by - we are proud to be distributing brands that are relentless in their mission to help the environment as well as their consumers.

In the coming years, we're excited to watch as the eco-conscious beauty industry continues to bloom and grow and we are excited to continue our journey, representing brands who are striving for change that betters the world – which is part of why we are so obsessed with ANP – big tick from us!

Watch the video below for more information about ANP's clean label initiative, the beauty industry's plastic problem and what is being done about it.

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