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The Power of Vitamin C


Of the truly countless skincare ingredients out there only a small few stand the test of time. Vitamin C is without a doubt, one of those ingredients.

This antioxidant offers multiple benefits to skin including protecting and repairing it from environmental damage, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, evening skin tone, and helping to stimulate collagen production. In fact, it’s one of the staples of a well-rounded skincare routine. One thing to remember is that we as human beings do not produce this essential nutrient for our bodies, rather we must get vitamin C from our diet. Part of why vitamin C has the cult status it has is because it helps the skin in a variety of ways - all of which are important!




Our bodies have 35 billion skin cells and we make 200 million skin cells an hour. Research has shown the benefits that vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help support overall skin health. On a topical level, vitamin C is revered for its skin-saving properties with serums recommended to brighten, lighten and smooth the complexion. The inherent qualities of ingested vitamin C offer notable support to our skin format by helping with collagen production, offering antioxidant protection, and helping the function of blood vessels and cartilage which act as supporting components of our skin. Additionally, emerging research showcases depleted levels of vitamin C in ageing and photo-damaged skin. As well as skin benefits, vitamin C is celebrated as a super-star ingredient for the immune system and offers over-arching wellbeing benefits including energy and function of the nervous system.



The Advanced Nutrition Programme Head of Nutrition, Lorraine Perretta, explains the science behind this supplement “For decades, vitamin C has been correctly celebrated for its multi-factorial benefits to our skin and overall wellbeing. Following extensive research, we decided to pair vitamin C with the emerging nutrient profile of acerola berry as well as zinc which has been validated by academia for years. Zinc is an essential nutrient playing a role in over 200 enzymes and now there is an increasing body of evidence demonstrating skin benefits – in fact since 2000, there has been a 130% increase in studies on zinc’s positive impact on skin. This evidence-based research and scientific foundation propelled us to include in this in our enhanced version of Skin Vit C.”



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